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 Welcome to Giftlocal; beautifully curated gift boxes with only New Zealand made, locally sourced, artisan products.


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The Giftlocal story begins with Alicia Northridge, who after 15 years in event management found herself facing a difficult future as the event industry paused due to Covid-19.

With a background in corporate gifting and a strong desire to help others who were also struggling due to the pandemic, Alicia had a brilliant idea which led to scouring the internet for great products made by clever Kiwis, from chocolatiers to olive growers, artisan bakers to jam makers. As she met these New Zealanders and heard their stories, she knew they had to be shared too, and so Giftlocal was born.

Giftlocal works with Kiwis who produce their products right here in New Zealand. Some are one-man bands, others have well established teams and premises, some are even social enterprises. What they all have in common is that they run on the same values as ours - giving back, keeping it local and paying it forward.

Giftlocal is aware of the hardship so many Kiwis are currently facing, so for every gift box delivered, a food item is donated to charity. It’s our way of giving back to those communities who need it most.

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